You've Felt it Your Entire Life

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, 
not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates

Stop playing seriously and seriously play.

Deze blog is een ode aan de oneindige en onvoorwaardelijke liefde 
en vrijheid van de geest...

Het allerbelangrijkste is te ontdekken wat het allerbelangrijkste is.
- Shunryu Suzuki


The evolution of all spiritual life, includes 3 absolutes: 1. You will love. 2. You will be loved.
3. The former will eventually be far more important to you than the latter. - The Universe

Either say your favorites a few times each morning and night, put them in your wallet, or even write one on your mirror to consciously remind you to choose your thoughts.
  1. I am loved, secure, and safe. 
  2. I am surrounded by love and everything is blessed.
  3. The world is an abundant place that seeks to nourish and support my highest aspirations.
  4. My heart is abundantly open and I expect joyous blessings to enter into my life.
  5. I attract the best love into my life because I deserve to be happy and balanced.
  6. I love myself and everyone else; in return everybody loves me.
  7. I see everything with loving eyes and love everything I see.
  8. I love myself unconditionally just the way I am now. 
  9. Everywhere I go I find love; Life is joyous.
  10. I deserve love and I get it in abundance. 
By saying affirmations every day, you not only positively affect the body’s biochemistry but over time re-train your brain to attain a more enlightened outlook. The perfection of each individual is known at birth but fades away through years of judgmental conditioning. Reverse the non serving pattern and awaken to appreciating the best you by simply focusing on changing your thoughts. (TA.)

Liefde is het fundament van ons bestaan wat je alleen kunt ervaren in totale vrijheid. (J.V.)

Welkom op deze blog.

Al zoek je de hele wereld af naar iemand die je liefde meer waard is dan jezelf, 
je zult die nooit vinden. - Boeddha

"True love is unconditional. This means that you give without expecting anything back. Not because you HAVE to due to "that's what they say you should do", but because it comes from your heart to do so. It's easy to 'pretend' practicing this principle, but much harder to do it without ego, jealousy and expectation.

Nevertheless, this is exactly what we need to start working on, because by giving love to others, you automatically give love to yourself, as we are all ONE. If everybody practiced this principle, no one would go hungry, no one would suffer and everybody would have what they need to ascend to higher spiritual existences.

"we can explore space - both inner and outer."

Hieronder een link die je verder uitlegt welk spel we gespeeld hebben en waar we allen nu
heel snel uit zullen stappen, het nieuwe en onbekende bewandelend.

 >>> de oude wegen en de wereld die ten einde is <<< 


Als de werking van de oude wereld is begrepen, kan je je positie bepalen en
kiezen voor de nog onbekende paden naar de nieuwe & gouden wereld die nu tot bloei komt.

Volg je hart, dan komt de revolutie vanzelf - de doorbraak van onvoorwaardelijke Liefde...


Stel dat Adele niet zingt over haar geliefde ex-vriendje...
Over wie zingt zij dan? En waarom is dit lied zo enorm populair op YouTube?
En waarom is de Soldaat van de Liefde nu zo populair in Nederland?

'I myself do nothing. The Holy Spirit accomplishes all through me.' - William Blake

wake up and Let Go... 
Let God.

The Way

You have saved me from my own confinement X From a passive, unmoving ‘I don’t know’.
From thinking in circles, spiraling down. X I had to go, and with conviction went. X You showed me how to be free and to trust, X To simply have faith in the good life brings. X Whenever we are together I sing. My wings X spread wide, now they’re no longer trussed. X Where I come from no longer defines me. X When I learned to be lost, it’s you I found, X And now I make my path up as I go. X You showed me the freedom in destiny, X It is my heart and soul to which I’m bound. X Freed from ambition, I naturally grow. - W. Boon

Hoe stap (13x) ik uit de machtspiramide (revolutie) en kom ik in mijn kracht (liefde)? Enjoy the ride...