Address to our International Leaders

Sacha Stone addressing International Leaders may have to listen twice to these historical words...

..And yet the common human heart 
is telling us something quite, quite different.
It is awakening and in that awakening it´s
beginning to speak a different narrative all together 
and it´s offering us a different code of wisdom.
It is a wisdom which invites us into silence,
and in that silence to reflect upon a single word:
and that word is Truth. 

Here you can get information about life behind the scenes.

Up to us to reflect upon the truth.

must see: lt. general W. Clarke 

Reverse Propaganda - looking from a different angle

News station Russia Today

Important links for truth finding - a must read/know/investigate/reflect upon:

Vladimir Putin addressing the citizens of the USA in the NY Times.

The US (Washington) by John McCain supporting the new 
uprise in Ukraine. An extreme right party. 

Critics in the US who have woken up.